Monday, August 4, 2008

Figure Drawing

Figure drawing is easily my worst subject. My area of expertise is faces, which I love creating, but they need bodies attached to them or it looks kinda weird. So with that in mind I spent most of July studying anatomy, and last week switched to gesture drawing. Here are the very first two gesture drawings I ever did using the Vilppu technique(1 week ago):

4 days and 30 gesture drawings later I'm already seeing improvement:

Figure drawing doesn't naturally spring from a well of creativity and talent, it's a very technical process. In other words, I think anyone can draw competent figures if they study the right techniques. Vilppu has it down to a science.

Here's one I did today:

It took about 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of critique. As you can see by my notes it's heavy on analysis and calculation. Except poopy time. That's why it looks like crap, but eventually I should be doing some really cool stuff with these bodies. Just need more practice.