Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vomit Green

Only drew the right half of this shape. And today's color is vomit green because I got really sick over the weekend thanks to a fever that's been spreading around at work.

But there's another reason I chose that color.

Thanks to being sick with fever, I've been in bed studying perspective from an architectural drawing textbook that I bought from Barnes & Nobles for about $70 a while back. Only now, after collecting dust in storage for a year, when I'm finally ready to get my money's worth by absorbing all the book nutrients from this mini bitch slap to my wallet, do I discover that it is currently half off on Amazon.com:


So today, I give you Vomit Green:


Lepnhoj said...

Feel better, DF.

darthfurby said...

Thanks, I'm finally back to normal. I killed that fever with chicken soup.