Monday, August 13, 2012

Car Form

Guess who's getting the deposit back from his old apartment!   That's right, I'm getting a check for $1150 baby!  Whoo!  I thought for sure management was going to deduct the hell out of my deposit to cover the cost of repairs, especially since the place had fallen apart over the course of my 10 to 12 year stay.  That apartment was such a wonderful place too.  Let me count the ways:  The bedroom lights stopped working after a blackout, two of the burners on the oven crapped out, the refurbished refrigerator died, the kitchen floor tiles were cracked to hell, the ceiling in my bathroom caved in once due to a plumbing problem upstairs, and even after the repair job it still leaked, just like the radiators, the list goes on and on.  During my last week the pipes under the kitchen sink broke and flooded the poor lady downstairs.

Ah the memories.  I thank myself every day for having moved out of that hell hole.

So today's masterpiece is dedicated to the $1150 deposit check that I hope to see in the next week or two!


Will Rosado said...

I think most of that stuff would be considered normal wear and tear and I don't think your deposit can be witheld for that...

darthfurby said...

My friend who used to live in the same building never got his deposit back, so I was sweating bullets.