Monday, August 27, 2012

New Job, Online Dating, and a Thingamajig

Got a new job.  Two weeks ago.  Won't be starting until January, but the position and pay is a LOT better than my current job as a Billing Coordinator.  The interview lasted twenty minutes, easily the shortest interview I've ever had in my life, so I walked out of there thinking I didn't get the job, but they extended an offer only a few hours later.  I was utterly shocked.  Beautiful offices, located two blocks away from the Empire State Building.  It took five months of intense searching in this crappy economy, but at last my search is over.

New apartment, new job

Now it's time for a new girlfriend.  Am I pushing my luck yet?

For the first time in my life I'm jumping into the online dating pool.  I've signed up with two of the biggest free dating sites: okcupid and plentyoffish.  I'm a little worried because I had a friend who met a bunch of his girlfriends online, and they all turned out to be whack jobs.  I've heard about the success stories, but is that the exception or the rule?  Personally I'd rather meet someone in person, but I'm not into the bar or club scene.   Ah well!  Won't know unless I try.  Wish me luck.

In the meantime, more artwork!  Just a shape study using a really terrible freehand perspective grid. Now that my job hunt is over, I can focus on drawing again.  More abominations to follow!


Will Rosado said...

is the new job similar to the old job?

As for online dating - A good friend of mine recently got married to a women he met on a dating site....

Yeah, bars and clubs are like the typewriters..."Wow! people used those things..?"

Good Luck!

darthfurby said...

I'll be working for an energy consulting firm as a billing analyst, which is code word for "Problem Solver." Kinda like putting out office brushfires, but we call them "clients." Similar enough to what I do now I guess.

Not having much luck with the online dating scene, but I'm keeping a low profile until I start my new job. Saving up in case things go sour. Can't be too careful in this economy. I haven't even given notice yet, but once I've safely transitioned into my new job I'll get back into the dating scene.