Monday, February 13, 2012

3 Hour Chair

Spent 3 hours on this:

Not kidding.

Combined one, two, and three point perspective, vanishing points, measuring points, measuring bars, circle of views, order to figure out how to draw three equally sized rectangles extending from a center point at 120 degree intervals in perspective. Or put another way, how to cut a pizza into 3 equal slices.


That's one hour per slice!

And it's not much to look at. Sorta chair-like.

Still, I learned a lot from this study, including a shortcut technique to save time(I'm sure the whole process will go faster with practice too), but I'm mostly happy because I was able to PROBLEM SOLVE MY WAY TO A SOLUTION.

Eventually I'd like to post video tutorials covering 1, 2 and 3 point perspective. Including advanced stuff, from retracing the discoveries that led to the invention of perspective, to things like trigonometry and projective geometry(not as scary as it sounds). In other words, learning not just HOW, but WHY perspective works, so that people can find solutions to perspective dilemmas on their own, just like I did with this 120 degree chair.

This is not the basic stuff typically found in architectural textbooks or perspective art books, it's the secret stuff they don't tell you. Still need to study shadows and reflections(and maybe curvilinear perspective if I'm feeling brave), but once I've got that down I'll probably post some videos.

They'll be long tho, REAL long. 3 hours probably. And I need them too because one day I might forget the finer points, so gotta have it all down.

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