Sunday, February 5, 2012


I've been descending deep down the 1, 2 and 3 point perspective rabbit hole in my quest to be a better artist, but I've clawed my way out momentarily to scratch a sudden drawing itch for space ships.

I think I'm getting better at vehicle design(at least better than my earlier form studies), but this one took a few hours. I tried to keep everything curvy, NO BOXY rectilinear shapes. Kinda looks like those enemy vehicles in Halo. Or slap a Cobra insignia on the front for something GI Joe-ish. I made the pilot bigger than in the preliminary sketch so that we could see her face, tho she's probably too big to fit in the cockpit now. Oh well. Might've been cooler with a laser cannon or some weapons added on, but I've scratched my itch, so even tho this drawing is kinda rough, I'm calling it done:

Preliminary sketch:

And tonight's the BIG GAME.


Looking forward to Madonna's half time show. Should be some great commercials too, like this Ferris Bueller ad from Honda:


Lepnhoj said...

Patriots? Really? Eh. I wanted the Patriots to win too, but it was so we wouldn't have the parade. It costs the city too much in overtime.

Lepnhoj said...

Oh yeah...
And this was my favorite commercial of the super bowl too.

darthfurby said...

I had to stop watching after the first 5 minutes because I was getting irrationally loud and emotional. So I cooled down, came back for the last 10 minutes, cursed the whole way through, got it out of my system, then went to bed.

Ah, good times.