Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Freehand Car Sketch

Eh, didn't use perspective this time so it's a bit wonkier than usual, but learned some things, especially from the mistakes, and enjoyed sketching it too.


Delsie said...

Looks like the unbranded bumble bee, LOL. What photo manipulation effects did you apply on your sketched car?

Delsie Maidens

Ellsworth said...

C'mon, Delsie! That car right there is the prototype of BumbleBee. Haha! If there's any visitor here that likes BumbleBee, you better check this out: Well, they don't have cars like Bumble Bee, but I must say, the prices of their cars are as friendly as the Autobots. :P

darthfurby said...

Delsie: no photo manipulation effects, just me doing it the old fashioned way. I was definitely channeling bumble bee tho. Thanks for the comment.

Ellsworth: Bumble bee was one of my favorite characters from the 80's cartoon show, it would be cool if classic volkswagons made a comeback.