Monday, February 27, 2012

MetroPCS Issues

So my cell phone carrier, MetroPCS, who I've been with for over TWO YEARS, burned me good. First they screw up my bill two months in a row(incorrect total, incorrect due date), then they deactivate my phone for a week due to THEIR billing screw up, then they make me pay for the week my phone was deactivated to continue service, and finally they STILL didn't resolve their billing problem!

Never ever going back to these guys. It's funny because two months ago I would've been a MetroPCS evangelist. Never missed a payment, never had a problem. But it wasn't until I had a problem that I saw the problems with MetroPCS.

They were cheap, $38/month cheap, but no way am I staying with a service that punishes me for THEIR mistakes.

So I'm in the market for a new phone carrier.

Bitch mode over.

In other news, here's a study I did tonight:

Looks awful, but I discovered a cool technique during this sketch, so I'm actually in a good mood tonight!

Almost kinda balances out the horrible experience I had with MetroPCS today.

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